It started off a dull overcast day.

My Landlord Derek came round yesterday. Straight away I knew something was wrong because he offered me half of his breakfast roll and made his own tea. Eventually he told me he had to give me my months’ notice. He’d found a man who’ll pay more money for my room and who works at Cadbury’s. He said he would have done it just for the free chocolate but the extra rent was a real bonus.  I couldn’t believe it. I love my little house in rivervalley and now I’ll have to leave my garden behind! Though to be fair Derek did say I could come round and mow the lawn whenever I wanted. I knew he felt bad when he offered me one of his donuts but I was too blue to eat. I didn’t understand it. I must be unconsciously sending bad vibes out into the world because why else would everything be ending like this and then it hit me. ‘You get in life what you have the courage to ask for’. What was I doing wasting time feeling sorry for myself when I could be manifesting my new life?  I mean sure it wasn’t the nicest of ways to start the day but then I guess if I’m starting my next chapter with a new job I might as well go the whole hog. I would take charge of my destination. First things first I need a new job and fast. I headed to the Fas office. I figured they’d be the ideal people to help me.  I explained to the woman behind the counter how I had lost my job and was being evicted and needed a new job for my visa and that I was looking for something in a creative field but would be willing to accept a lesser offer if it came along immediately. She informed me I could print off my C.V. for free on their computers but that I would have to come back later because they were closing for staff training. Can you believe it free C.V. printing. Save the pennies the pounds will take care of themselves. Already my days looking brighter.   

Starting Over

I’m beginning the next chapter of my life. I’m very excited. While I’m going to miss Lucy and Sharon very much when our clothes shop finally closes down I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for me. I’ve been very fortunate up to now to have had such a wonderful job. When Mr Burke first called us we assumed it would be like the other 5 times we nearly had to close down and started to get the balloons ready. But then just as we were blue-tacking the closing down sign to the window, Mr Burke came rushing through the door and informed us he had to leave the country for a while and that we would have to handle the closing up of the store. He then grabbed all his papers from the office, told us from now on to put all the takings in his wife’s name and then left my the fire escape out the back. I felt terrible! I didn’t even know he was married. Anyway I guess we really are closing down this time. Which I’m really excited about. It’s time I had a new challenged in my life. My only teeny tiny concern is that my visa is dependent on me having a job but then I got straight onto it and simply added new job to my dream board. This is going to be great.